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Payment by ckecks in 3 times

Payment by ckecks in 3 times without charge is made by sending 3 identical checks attached at the same time but cashed over 3 periods.

When you will finish your order you will be notified (on website and by email) of the amout of the 3 checks and other instructions to follow.

The amount of each check will be equal to the total amount of the order divided by three * (smart rounding), without additional bank charges:

- the first (1st) check will be cashed on the date of receipt,

- the second (2nd) check will be cashed on the 6th of the month following the date of the purchase order,

- the third (3rd) check on the 6th of the following month.

The three checks must be identical to the amount indicated and notified by email. The order may be canceled if one of the checks is different from the others.

The order will be processed and sent from the receipt of the first (1st) check. The invoice will be published during the last month.

The checks must be duly completed and made payable to Vigreux Manuel - Vistadeco and sent to the following address:

Vigreux Manuel - Vistadeco
Customer service
37 rue René Antichan
32700 Lectoure (France)

As part of the payment check, you must attach with your payment or electronically ("Contact us" section or by email):

- a double-sided photocopy of your ID and that of the issuer if the name is different,

- a copy justifying the address of residence (bill of water, electricity or payslip, rent receipt etc).

To fight against fraud, payments by check are systematically checked (additional delays to the processing of the order).

Payment by check is a little longer than traditional order processing.

To avoid the delay of control and the sending of the justifying documents, you have the possibility of renewing your order by selecting the payment by transfer.

For the professional customer with a K-Bis or D1, the order form received by email must be returned by fax, by post or electronically, signed and stamped with the word "good for agreement".

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.


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